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What is belonging? Where loneliness ends. – The Deep, Rivers Solomon

Forgetting was not the same as healing. – The Deep, Rivers Solomon

Forgiveness takes a lot of courage. – Paper Butterflies, Lisa Heathfield

I want you to use every day for something good. – Paper Butterflies, Lisa Heathfield

“I’d like another world.”
“What if I’m not in it, though?” “
“Then I’ll stay in this world,” I tell him. And I mean it. I’d live all the bad bits, just to have the good bits with him.
Paper Butterflies, Lisa Heathfield

“Your life is precious. Every day that you’re on earth is precious. You have a place. You’re wanted.” I want to believe her. I need to take her words and stick them all over my skin and keep them safe there, so I never forget. “And if you face every day with hope, then you’ve already won.” – Paper Butterflies, Lisa Heathfield

I think it’s overrated to remember everything. There might be a good reason to forget some things and remember others. – The Secret Women, Sheila Williams

Heaven isn’t a place of clouds like pillows or gold-paved avenues where the souls of pious people stroll. (God, deliver us from pious people, right? They are boring.) Heaven is a moment like this one, one moment of clarity to realize that all you need is a good sleep. The feel of your lover’s hand against your cheek. The snoring of a sleeping child. Chocolate! Heaven is one stitch among many in a life, and it’s not easy to find, it hides. Because it’s only that moment, you only get a few. That moment of joy when you smile, you feel light, and you look at the brilliant moon and mysterious distant star and say thank you.
The Secret Women, Sheila Williams

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” What bullshit, [she] thought… Love did not mean you didn’t have to apologize—just the opposite. Love meant having to say you were sorry over and over again. – The Secret Women, Sheila Williams

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