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“To give life is to know what’s worth fighting for. And what’s love.” – Salvage the Bones, Jesmyn Ward

What fools we all are. We girls. Afraid of the wrong things, at the wrong times. Afraid of a burned face, when outside, outside waiting for you are fires you cannot imagine. Men, holding matches up to your gasoline eyes. Flames, flames all around you, licking at your just-born breasts, your just-bled body. And infernos. Infernos as wide as the world. Waiting to impoverish you, make you ash, and even the wind, even the wind. Even the wind, my dear, she thought, watching you burn, willing it, passing over you, and through you. Scattering you, because you are a girl, and because you are ash. – Girls Burn Brighter, Shobha Rao

Forget what I said about a woman who won’t listen. The worst thing is a woman who knows what she wants. – Girls Burn Brighter, Shobha Rao

Even [her] most tender memories—of being fed by her mother’s hand on the bus trip to see her grandparents, or the weight of it against her hair while she’d been combing it—had all of them to do with her mother doing something for her child, never for herself. Is that how she’d meant to spend her life? Is that how lives were meant to be spent? – Girls Burn Brighter, Shobha Rao

You, you, girl of mine, you’re the one with wings. – Girls Burn Brighter, Shobha Rao

Everything else is so bland, so colorless, except you. – Girls Burn Brighter, Shobha Rao

That’s the way it is: If two people want to be together, they’ll find a way. They’ll forge a way. It may seem ludicrous, even stupid, to work so hard at something that is, truly, a matter of chance, completely arbitrary, such as staying with someone—as if ‘with’ and ‘apart’ have meaning in and of themselves—but, the owl said… ‘But that’s the thing with you humans. You think too much, don’t you?’ – Girls Burn Brighter, Shobha Rao

What is love if not a hunger? – Girls Burn Brighter, Shobha Rao

Everything is already written in the stars… By the gods. We can’t alter a thing. So what does it matter? Why worry? – Girls Burn Brighter, Shobha Rao

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