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Our actions have consequences. Good intentions won’t save us from that. – The Orphan’s Tale, Pam Jenoff

Every child should have a chance to call someone his mother. – The Orphan’s Tale, Pam Jenoff

Only a fool is not afraid. We need fear to keep our edge. – The Orphan’s Tale, Pam Jenoff

The girls were [always] sniping and whispering behind each other’s backs. Why are we so hard on one another? I wonder. Hadn’t the world already given us challenges enough? – The Orphan’s Tale, Pam Jenoff

Dance, use your muscles, take charge, take flight. – The Orphan’s Tale, Pam Jenoff

Hoping is how the impossible can be possible after all. – Heartless, Marissa Meyer

I cannot tell you how I look forward to a lifetime at your side, and all the impossible things I’ll have you believing in. – Heartless, Marissa Meyer

Sometimes your heart is the only thing worth listening to. – Heartless, Marissa Meyer

Wishes have value. – Heartless, Marissa Meyer

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