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She was warmth but not fire, light but not sky. – Wild Beauty, Anna-Marie McLemore

She wants to see good hearts and good brains put to proper use, but I’m not convinced that everybody ought to live like that, or even that everybody can. – What is Not Yours is Not Yours, Helen Oyeyemi

Travel the world if you can… go over and under and in between, and if there happens to be a man or three on the way, that’s well and good, but afterward just leave him where you found him! – What is Not Yours is Not Yours, Helen Oyeyemi

Once you reach your late fifties you can wear whatever you want and nobody can say anything to you about it. – What is Not Yours is Not Yours, Helen Oyeyemi

Cities are fueled by the listless agony of workers providing services to other workers who barely acknowledge those services… City people only talk to people they’re already acquainted with, so as to avoid strangers speaking to them with annoying overfamiliarity or in words that aren’t immediately comprehensible. And everybody in the city is just so terribly bored.
What is Not Yours is Not Yours, Helen Oyeyemi

Do you think that maybe we’re able to love someone best when that person doesn’t know how we feel? – What is Not Yours is Not Yours, Helen Oyeyemi

For any one group today to think it has the best grasp on the creator of the universe is a form of insanity. Run away—far and quickly—when you see this. – The Bible Tells Me So, Peter Enns

To sum up: the universe is beyond comprehension. Christians believe that God, the one responsible for the incomprehensible—in a further incomprehensible move—entered into the human drama. So, right off the bat, I’m going with mystery as an operative category for talking about God. And I expect to be surprised by this God…

this God of the unintelligibly huge, immeasurably small, and incomprehensibly old creation is not fully captured or constrained by those words. He can’t be. And we don’t need astrophysics or electron microscopes to tell us that. The Holy Bible does that already. Whenever we think we have God in a box, safe and sound, under control and constant watch, God blows up our categories…

I think part of what it means for God to “reveal” himself is to keep us guessing, to come to terms with the idea that knowing God is also a form of not knowing God, of knowing that we cannot fully know, but only catch God in part—which is more than enough to keep us busy. If we read the Bible today thinking that this God of creation, freedom, and mystery is bound by a book as if it were a contract, with nothing left to say, no further moves or surprises, we will miss much. The Bible tells us so.

The Bible Tells Me So, Peter Enns

There is no higher “law” to be obeyed than the law of love. That, at the end of the day, is what it means to follow Jesus. – The Bible Tells Me So, Peter Enns

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